Cold brew coffee concentrate, an essential ingredient in iced coffee as well as in a variety of cold brew cocktails.

This recipe makes around 350-400 ml of coffee concentrate.

65 g (4 1/3 tbsp) of ground coffee*
500 ml (2 metric cups) of cold filtered water

In a clean and sterilized jar combine the coffee and water.
Stir until the coffee is well dissolved. Close the lid and refrigerate for 12-24 hours. The longer the brew is steeping the more concentrated it will become.
Strain the coffee concentrate into a clean sterilized jar using a damp paper towel or a coffee filter**.
Strained coffee concentrate could be stored up to 5 days in a fridge or can be frozen in ice cube trays.

*This recipe requires medium roast, medium freshly ground coffee.
The grind size may vary, the finer is the grind the shorter is the steeping time, but it might require double filtering, to avoid fine coffee particles at the bottom of the jar.
**Discarded ground coffee could be used for composting or as a plant food.

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November 13, 2017